Good essay

Three subjects are available at the gym exam

The choice of topics is already important. Topics on which the student already has previous knowledge are often simpler. Unfortunately, however, most of the essays — even if they are linguistically well written — are not sufficiently evaluated because they are written off-topic or the task was not properly completed.

Therefore, it is important that the assignment is carefully studied, and before the actual writing begins, it takes time to plan the essay. Even if this planning is not evaluated directly, it is a good sign for an expert expert and makes an impression.

But more importantly, it’s the fact that the essay is guaranteed to improve thanks to the structuring obtained, and not just be written in front of it. However, the choice and planning of the topic itself should be given no more than 5 minutes. For this, it is best to use a simple thought map, a cluster or a short table.

The tasks themselves show different patterns that repeat from year to year. Thus, the preterit tense form or present is usually required. The perspective from which to write is the first or second point of view. Increasingly, it is required to write from a foreign person or even an object from the point of view of the first person.

It is extremely difficult and must be practiced

Many students do not know that when they write in the first person, the reader (examiner) has no idea who it really is. Students should learn to describe characters in their stories — even if they themselves — and to animate them.

Although the essay is essentially classified as a “narrative,” in recent years, the mission has become even more differentiated and, therefore, much more complicated.

Thus, the elements of a “report”, that is, factual and neutral, as well as “opinions”, which means “for” and “against” and their own opinion for presentation, are often embedded. Students do not recognize these “hidden” tasks and cannot complete the task or only insufficiently.

A task may also consist of continuing the passage of the text (that is, at the beginning of the text) or including it in the text (in the middle of the text). If the title is to be adopted, it is important to adapt the content to this topic.

For example, in the gym exam in 2018, the job was to write a story called “Old Hat”, which many could not do because they did not describe or barely mentioned and mentioned the old hat because they overestimated the importance of the name itself.

Another big problem is that many students do not know how to write an essay. Often they write all the text in a block.

It is important that from the point of view of content and structure it is clear that the essay has an introduction (about 1/5), the main part (about 2/5), a climax (about 1/5) and a conclusion (about 1/5) contains.

The total volume should be from 1 to 1.5 pages (depending on the font size). Although these structures can be developed individually, the strategy of working according to a certain scheme has proven itself.

 Separate parts should answer the corresponding W-questions. In the introduction, this will be a description of the circumstances. The main part of the motives of the event. At the peak with so many adjectives and the corresponding verbs top or resolution of events.

Finally, a summary of all the parts

What can be done in a later context, for example, “three months later”. Here, however, it is necessary to accept in order to make sure that the conclusion is really a conclusion, and not a rock-hole or prompts for the continuation will be delivered.

And now the most important thing: the conclusion is not over yet! Students must learn to use the last ten minutes for the revision phase. Because, if it is to continue correctly and purposefully, it can be half the entire note. First, all essays should be read.

Then you apply three so-called “patterns.” Pattern offset: Is it possible to move sentences and thus make the beginning of sentences and sentence structure more exciting? Expansion test: Can text passages be described more specifically? Adjectives or verbs added, are nouns made of concrete? Finally, we would like to tip for spelling correction.

Since during normal reading the focus is on the content, not on writing, the insider’s advice is to read the word essay word by word in the opposite direction.

Thus, you can find a lot of “obvious” careless mistakes, without which we would like to do and why: reading backwards, you are no longer distracted from the content and can really focus on individual words so as not to “reread” your mistakes.